Translation Services Explained

Here is a listing of some articles about translation services that we’ve either written or gathered from experts in the translation industry. Spend some time reading about different issues affecting a translation project such as cost, formatting, graphics, planning, etc.


Plain Talk About Getting Your Money’s Worth – How we provide greater accuracy, cost and time savings with the use of Translation Memory software

Translation Memory Software

Translation software: Chaos ex machina? – Computers can’t match the human mind in translating from one language to another. Read how they can help, though. Translation Memory for your project – A short explanation on how we save you money using Trados Translation Memory tool on your project.


Subsidiary Reviews in the European Union – Advice on managing a smooth review process for your translated documents. Designing Web Sites for International Audiences – Considerations BEFORE you build your site Managing the Translation Resource – Some pointers on choosing a translation service, and the kind of service you should expect. A Checklist: Editing for Translation – What to do before you send that document off for translation. Excellent advice from professionals (PDF Download) – Take your lunch hour off and read it – it’s worth it! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view this file. Go here for a free download.

Specific Formats

FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker, PowerPoint – Preserving the integrity of your formatted files during the translation process. An explanation of how our Desktop Publishing expertise saves you money!

Graphic Design with the World in Mind – How to plan the graphics in your documents, when you know you’ll need translation.

Web Site Localization – So, you want to use your web site to market your products outside of the United States. Is it as easy as getting your web site translated into the languages for your target countries? Not quite, and we’ll help you see why.


Translation Stumbling Blocks – Pitfalls of the English language and suggestions on avoiding them. How the Translation Business Works – Who translates your documents when you send them to us? This article explains how we choose the translators for your project. Allí no se habla español – Is your document going to Spain or Argentina? Should the Spanish translation be different? Yes! No! Maybe? How we help you decide. Eat the Way Your Mama Taught You – A light-hearted look at dealing with cultural differences from Greg Bathon, who spent 25 years in international business, much of it living in Europe, Asia and South America.