Humaira Syed

humaira_syedProject Manager

Humaira Syed’s work as a project manager for Translations International keeps her schedule interesting: Sometimes, it means getting up before dawn to work with a U.S. military command, overseeing her team’s translations of the command’s social media updates. Other times, it means getting up in the middle of the night to proofread a translation project needed for a U.S. government training facility on a tight deadline. At other times of day, she might be helping to provide translation for hospitals, financial institutions and private corporations.

Prior to joining TINC in 2005, Humaira worked in computer science and web design. But she’s always had a keen interest in languages: She has a background in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, French and Spanish, as well as American Sign Language (ASL).

“I enjoy helping people,” she says. “From my various travels, I know what it is like to not understand the local language, or have trouble understanding someone. So I feel that providing translations for segments of the American or to our universal community is an important thing for us to be a part of. I know I certainly appreciate seeing English when I travel to foreign countries.”

“It has also been a fascinating experience to learn about all the segments of our population that need and use different languages in many different ways. From the financial industry, to the military, to hospitals and everyday folks – language is something that binds the human race together.”