Maeve Hayes

Maeve HayesProject Manager

Maeve Hayes has worked at Translations International since 2005. In her time with our company, Maeve has worked as a project manager with a specialty in the life sciences, assisting clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as technology consulting. More recently, Maeve has taken on administrative duties as well, with a focus on finance and resource management.

Maeve’s interest in world languages began in childhood: Maeve was an “Army brat,” which means she grew up while moving around the United States as well as Europe, Africa and Asia. These experiences introduced Maeve to a variety of cultures and languages, gave her an appreciation for diversity and helped her develop people skills as well as an ability to adapt and integrate quickly.

That said, she also appreciates the roots she has grown at TIINC.

“I enjoy the rapport I have with my clients and linguists who I have been working with for many years,” Maeve says. “I enjoy knowing I am helping my clients fulfill an important need for their company/organization by providing quality translation work.”

Maeve has a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. She and her husband and their two children live in Colorado, where they enjoy getting outside, going on hikes and appreciating the beautiful scenery of their home state.