Shereen Qaadri

shereen_qaadriProject Manager

Shereen Qaadri, who has worked as a project manager at Translations International since 2007, manages our face-to-face interpretation clients, as well as translation projects. Whether it’s in-person, telephone or video interpreting, she will manage the tech crew as well as the interpreters.

Known for her organization skills, problem-solving abilities and quality control checks, Shereen works across time zones and is always on hand to arrange and manage the process for our clients.

“Our clients find it reassuring that our tech crew is there to help the whole time,” Shereen says. “And that I’m always on standby, available by phone, in case there are any issues.”

As a project manager, Shereen also excels at finding the right translator for projects ranging from vital records to highly technical manuals.

She enjoys the variety of her work as well as the people — especially the interpreters she has gotten to know over the years.

“Being here so long, I have built relationships with the interpreters,” she says. “They become like family.”

Shereen has a basic knowledge of French, Arabic and Urdu. She has a bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Penn.

Shereen and her husband and son share a home with her mother and grandfather. They enjoy spending a lot of time outside, hiking the trails of California. Shereen is also a foodie and still remembers the gelato of Italy. Someday, she hopes to see Greece and Turkey.