Using Trados Translation Memory for Your Project

Building a Glossary

Terminology management is an essential part of any translation project. Trados has a built-in glossary component called MultiTerm, which stores translated glossary terms. As these terms appear in a client’s documentation, Trados will suggest them to the translator. Any existing client glossary, including definitions of technical terms, can be imported into MultiTerm.

How Trados saves YOU money

The use of Trados Translation Memory software has the ability to reduce translation cost and time. Every sentence that is translated by a human translator is remembered by Trados software. When it appears again, either exactly (100% match), or changed slightly (we call that a ‘fuzzy match’), Trados will ‘remember’ the previous translation and suggest it to the translator. By computer analysis of electronic files, against an existing translation memory, we can assess the rate of 100% matches for a document. We have experience of match rates as high as 30%.

Based on the rationale that each match presented by the database has to be reviewed and accepted by the translation team, this text is charged at 50% of the project word rate.

Revision Management Using Trados software, the Project Manager is capable of identifying previously translated text by comparison with a new/revised document and isolating un-translated text. Previously translated text is, by pre-agreement, invoiced at:

1. No charge, if the revisions are minor
2. 50% of the applicable rate for major revisions