We are more than happy to work hand-in-hand with your customer from the beginning of every technical translation project. Our job is to find the best technical translator: a professional who knows your industry, and your products or services. But even though our translator may be an expert on the subject, he still may not use the words your client prefers. People quite often use different, synonymous words to express the same concept. This is why we compile a technical glossary before your translation begins. If your client approves of this basic list of terms from the beginning, then we’ve won half the battle. For a long technical manual, we can submit chapters as they are translated for client review. The final user makes whatever changes he thinks are necessary, which will be taken into consideration by our translators for later chapters. In some cases, we can arrange to have our translator meet in person with your customers, regardless of where on the globe they are located. We’re not happy until your customer is happy.